Cluj Medical and Pharmaceutical University


Romanian National

Cluj Iuliu Hațieganu Medical and Pharmaceutical University

About 40% of international students

English and French courses


Romanian National Cluj Iuliu Hațieganu Medical and Pharmaceutical University 2020 Application Guidelines


English Model admission capacity 250 people


Entrance Examination-Document Examination Only * There is no local English entrance examination this year .

Required documents to be submitted

1) Admission application

2) Resume

3) An international certificate that can prove your English proficiency (within two years from the scheduled admission date)

Or, if you have a high school diploma (international school, etc.) issued by a school whose educational medium was English, please submit it.

* There will be no local English entrance examination this year .

4) Request for issuance of admission permit

5) High school graduation certificate Notarized after being translated into Romanian by a certified translator

6) High school transcript (biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, science, etc.) Translated into Romanian by a certified translator and notarized

7) Birth certificate (extract of family register) A notarized person after translating into Romanian by a certified translator.

8) Health Examination Certificate Notarized after being translated into Romanian by a certified translator

9) Psychological diagnosis certificate

10) Copy of passport Must be valid for 6 months or more

11) 6 passport-sized photos

12) Proof of remittance payment for a bank-designated account with a document review fee of 250 euros


Document submission period: May 2, 2020-September 4, 2020

Our foundation undertakes application / admission support. Please consider it. We will hold a briefing session, so if you would like to apply after that, please apply.



Iuliu Hațieganu Medical and Pharmaceutical University, located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, is the oldest medical education institution in the Transylvania region, originally founded in 1919 as the School of Medicine at the University of Superior Dasia. Although it is the highest level medical school along with Carol Davila in the capital Bucharest, enrollment in English courses (including French courses) is more difficult than Carolda Villa. There used to be Japanese students, but in recent years there have been none. Higher education in Cluj-Napoca began in 1581. Universities have gradually developed and contributed to the development of various fields and specialties, of which medicine and pharmacy have played a particularly important role. Our Medical and Pharmaceutical University has approximately 5,200 students (approximately 2,000 international students), 2,400 residents, 93 master's students, 700 doctoral candidates, and more than 1,100 teachers and researchers. Universities are classified and designated as "advanced research and education universities" by the Ministry of Education. The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy offer English and French courses, and Romania has the largest number of international students from all over Europe, making it an international university. Credits earned at the University of Cluj are also valid for transfer to other medical schools in Europe.


The Faculty of Medicine has a curriculum that covers 69 subjects related to the following 12 research departments and clinical departments. Here is a list with all subject names along with their main professors:


Functional sciences Division Professor: Prof. Dr. Alina Elena Pârvu

Pharmacology, toxicology and clinical pharmacology Prof. Dr. Anca Dana Buzoianu

Immunology and Allergology Prof. Dr. Diana Deleanu

Physiology Prof. Dr. Simona Valeria Clichici

Pathophysiology Prof. Dr. Alina Elena Pârvu


Professor of Morphological sciences : Prof. dr. Maria Crișan

Pathological anatomy Prof. dr. Doinița Crișan

Anatomy and embryology Conf. Dr. Iulian Opincariu

Histology Prof. dr. Carmen Mihu

Physiology Prof. Dr. Simona Valeria Clichici


Professor of Molecular sciences : Prof. Dr. Alexandra Crăciun

Medical Biochemistry Prof. Dr. Alexandra Crăciun

Medical Biophysics Conf. Dr. Daniela Eniu

Cellular and Molecular Biology Conf. Dr. Horea Matei

Medical Genetics Conf. Dr. Radu Anghel Popp

Microbiology Prof. Dr. Monica Junie


Professor of Public Health Community medicine : Prof. Dr. Popa Monica

Epidemiology Conf. Dr. Amanda Rădulescu

Hygiene Prof. Dr. Popa Monica

Occupational Medicine Prof. Dr. Marilena Oargă

Family Medicine Conf. Dr. Mira Florea

Forensic Medicine Conf. Dr. Dan Perju Dumbra vă

Public Health and Management Prof. Dr. Cristina Borzan


Internal Medicine Internal Medicine Department General Professor: Conf. Dr. Valean Simona Doina

Cardiology – Heart Institute Prof. Dr. Adrian Iancu

Cardiology – Recovery Prof. Dr. Dana Pop

Medical Clinic I --Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Gastroenterology Prof. Dr. Vida-Simiti Luminita

Medical Clinic II Prof. Dr. Dan Dumitrașcu

Medical Clinic III Prof. Dr. Tanțău Marcel

Medical Clinic IV Conf. Dr. Dorel Sâmpelean

Medical Clinic V Prof. Dr. Dan Rădulescu


Professor of Medical specialities department :: Prof. Dr. Alexandru Tătaru

Medical rehabilitation Conf. Dr. Ioan Onac

Infectious Diseases Conf Dr. Mihaela Sorina Lupșe

Dermatology Prof. Dr. Cosgarea Rodica

Diabetes and eating disorders Prof. Dr. Gabriela Roman

Endocrinology Prof. Dr. Carmen Georgescu

Geriatrics Șef lucr. Dr. Valer Donca

Nephrology Prof. Dr. Ina Kacso

Pneumology Prof. Dr. Carmen Monica Pop

Rheumatology Prof. Dr. Simona Rednic


General Surgery General Surgery Department Professor: Prof. Dr. Valentin Muntean

Anesthesia and Intensive Care unit I Prof. Dr. Daniela Ionescu

Anesthesia and Intensive Care unit II Prof. Dr. Natalia Hagău

Cardiovascular Surgery Conf. Dr. Adrian Molnar

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Șef lucr. Dr. Ileana Rodica Matei

Surgery Clinic I Prof. Dr. Constantin Ciuce

Surgery Clinic II Conf. Dr. Octavian Andercou

Surgery Clinic III Prof. Dr. Cornel Iancu

Surgery Clinic IV Prof. Dr. Valentin Muntean

Surgery Clinic V Conf. Dr. Călin Ionescu

Emergency Medicine Conf. Dr. Adela Golea


Professor of Surgical specialities, Department of Surgery :: Conf. Dr. Cristina Nicula

Medical Imaging Prof. Dr. Radu Badea

Ophthalmology Prof. Dr. Cristina Vladuțiu

ENT Conf. Dr. Alma Maniu

Orthopedics, traumatology and pediatric orthopedics Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Tomoaia

Radiology Prof. Dr. Sorin Dudea

Urology Prof. Dr. Ioan Coman


Professor of Mother and Child Division :: Confr. Dr. Doru Diculescu

Surgery and pediatric orthopedics Conf. Dr. Horațiu Gocan

Neonatology Dr. Gabriela Zaharie

Nursing Conf. Dr. Dorin Farcău

Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic I Prof. Dr. Daniel Muresan

Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic II Prof. Dr. Dan Mihu

Pediatric clinic I Conf. Dr. Călin Lazăr

Pediatric clinic II Conf. Dr. Gheorghe Popa

Pediatric clinic III Prof. Dr. Man Sorin


Clinical neurosciences Division Professor :: Prof. Dr. Dafin Fior Mureșanu

Neurosurgery Prof. Dr. Ioan Florian Ștefan

Neurology and pediatric neurology Prof. Dr. Lacrimioara Perju Dumbra vă

Psychiatry and pediatric psychiatry Prof. Dr. Ioana Micluția


Oncology Department Oncology Professor :: Conf. Dr. Călin Căinap

Oncological surgery and gynecologic oncology Conf. Dr. Patriciu Achimaș-Cadariu

Hematology Conf. Dr. Anca Bojan

Medical Oncology Prof. Dr. Tudor Ciuleanu

Oncology and Radiotherapy Prof. Dr. Nagy Viorica


Medical Education Department General Professor :: Conf. Dr. Tudor Drugan

Sport Conf. Dr. Kiss Mihai Ludovic

Medical Informatics and Biostatistics Conf. Dr. Tudor Drugan

Modern Languages Șef lucr. Dr. Oana Mure șan

Medical Psychology Conf. Dr. Horia Coman

Medical skills --Human Sciences Conf. Dr. Gherman Claudia