Titu Maiorescu大学医学部


Romanian private

Titu Maiorescu University - School of Medicine

Romania's only private university - medical school

Tuition fees Tuition fees 9500 euros (2020)



Titu Maiorescu University - School of Medicine 2020 Application Guidelines

The 2021 requirements will be announced as soon as they are published on the university's website.


English course recruitment capacity 45 people 1st recruitment 30 people 2nd recruitment 15 people

Admissions-Documents and Biology + Chemistry or Physics Entrance Exams

Required documents to be submitted

1) Admission application

2) Resume

3) An international certificate that can prove your English proficiency (within two years from the scheduled admission date)

* There will be no local English entrance examination this year .

4) Request for issuance of admission permit

5) High school transcript and graduation certificate Notarized after being translated into Romanian by a certified translator

6) Birth certificate (extract of family register) A notarized person after translating into Romanian by a certified translator.

7) Health Examination Certificate Notarized after being translated into Romanian by a certified translator

8) Copy of passport Passport-sized photo that has an expiration date of 6 months or more

9) Document examination fee 450RON ₊ 1000Ron after passing


Document submission period:

Our foundation undertakes application / admission support. We will hold a briefing session, so if you would like to apply after that, please apply.



Titu Maiorescu University

School of Medicine is internationally accredited by FAIMER (International Foundation for Medical Education and Research) and WHO (World Health Organization). Since 2003, the faculty, along with other well-known Romanian medical schools, has been registered in the Medical School Yearbook published in Philadelphia, USA.


Features of TITU MAIORESCU University

Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest is one of Romania's top private universities, developing high quality learning programs in 30 years of history and using the highest standards of facilities and equipment.

• For many years, graduates have been employed in the Romanian and European labor markets and occupy various positions where they can qualify based on their diplomas and practical skills gained during their research.

Titu Maiorescu University students benefit from unique hands-on and workshop opportunities. Clinical practice in public and private hospitals, interaction with real patients.

• A small working group (8 students / clinical subjects, 12-15 students / preclinical subjects) facilitates customized interaction with the professor.

・ Erasmus + can be used for research and internships at European universities and clinics.

・ Curriculum optional courses tailored to students' interests and various research opportunities.

・ International research projects and visiting professors;

・ Access to private medical services (free / discounted)

· Modern Campus – Student Dormitory with 500 rooms, restaurant and cafeteria. Career coaching, soft skills training; Free MS Office 365 license. Gym and sports facilities.