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George Emil Palade George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy and Science and Technology Târgu Mureş (UMPhST)

Hamburg Campus, Germany

English and German courses


Romania National George Emil Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy and Science and Technology Târgu Mureş 2020 Application Guidelines

The 2021 requirements will be announced as soon as they are published.


English course recruitment capacity 50 people


Required documents to be submitted

1) Admission application

2) Resume

3) An international certificate that can prove your English proficiency (within two years from the scheduled admission date)

Or, if you have a high school diploma (international school, etc.) issued by a school whose educational medium was English, please submit it.

* There will be no local English entrance examination this year .

4) Request for issuance of admission permit

5) High school graduation certificate Notarized after being translated into Romanian by a certified translator

6) High school transcript (biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, science, etc.) Translated into Romanian by a certified translator and notarized

7) Birth certificate (extract of family register) A notarized person after translating into Romanian by a certified translator.

8) Health Examination Certificate Notarized after being translated into Romanian by a certified translator

9) Psychological diagnosis certificate

10) Copy of passport Must be valid for 6 months or more

11) Passport size photo

12) Reason for aspiration essay

13) Document examination fee 250 euros for payment of bank designated account Remittance certificate


Document submission period: Early submission is accepted

Our foundation undertakes application / admission support. We will hold a briefing session, so if you would like to apply after that, please apply.



Medical education in Targu-Mures began in 1945 as part of the School of Medicine at the University of Babesboliai in Cluj-Napoca. After the establishment of this new university, Decree No. 407/1945 began operations in the Faculty of Linguistics, Philosophy, Law and Economics, and Natural Sciences in Cluj, and the Faculty of Medicine was relocated to Targu-Mures. Its activities from 1945 to 1948. In 1948, following educational reform, the Medical-Pharmaceutical Institute was established. It is an independent laboratory consisting of faculties of general medicine, pediatrics, hygiene, dentistry, and pharmacies. Between 1951 and 1958, there were three faculties: general internal medicine, pediatrics, and pharmacies. After that, the pediatrics department was reorganized from 1958 to 1959, and the Faculty of Dentistry resumed its activities from 1960 to 1961, and was established as a department from 1965 to 1966. Over the next 25 years, many indisputable and valuable faculty will teach in our faculty, contribute to the faculty's reputation, disseminate its achievements around the world, and take pride in us. He represented me.


In 1991, the Institute was given the name of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, and therefore, in light of the current social situation, the number of medical disciplines that educate and form specialists is consistently increasing. It has become a prestigious university with an academic structure as a whole. Ordinance 800/1965 and the Ordinance of the Ministry of Education empowered the Targu-Mures Institute of Medicine to award doctoral medicine (seven professors appointed as doctoral advisors), and since then, doctoral supervisors of the doctoral program. The number of students is increasing every year. Starting with the 1951 graduation class, There are now 64 classes of graduates.

Through ongoing efforts, medical faculty members have contributed to aligning with the changes and advances registered in the field of medicine. Given its medical orientation, the Targu-Mures School of Medicine has formed educated and prepared doctors for generations. Since 1990, major changes have occurred in the structure of medical schools and their research programs. Within the George Emile Parade, the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology in Targu-Mures, the English School of Medicine began its activities in 2019-2020 with the following undergraduate programs: 1. English Medicine-360 Transferable Credits 2. English Medicine, Hamburg-360 Transferable Credits Now Available



Major professors and faculty members

Director: Professor, Man Adrian, MD, PhD- CV

Members of ME1 Department Council:
Professor Gurzu Simona, MD, PhD-CV
Professor Bacarea Anca Associate, MD, PhD - CV
Associate Professor Mureșan Mircea-Gabriel, MD, PhD- CV
Associate Professor Olah Péter, PhD-CV
Professor Adina Stoian Associate, MD, PhD - CV
Nechifor-Boila Lecturer Ioan Alin, MD, PhD - CV
Lecturer Pop Raluca Monica, MD, PhD- CV
Lecturer Ban Erika, MD, PhD- CV


Professor Brassai Attila, MD, PhD-CV
Buruian Mircea-Professor Marian, MD, PhD - CV
Associate Professor Csép Katalin-Csilla, MD, PhD- CV
Associate Professor Vartolomei Mihai-Dorin, MD, PhD --CV
Lecturer Chinezu Laura, MD, PhD- CV
Gliga Florina Ioana Lecturer, MD, PhD - CV
Lecturer Golea Cristina, MD, PhD- CV
Lecturer Moldovan Mircea, MD, PhD- CV
Lecturer Moraru Liviu, MD, PhD- CV
Nechifor-Boila Lecturer Adela Corina, MD, PhD - CV
Lecturer Pop Marian, MD, PhD- CV
Lecturer Popa Octavian-Cosmin, MD, PhD-CV
Lecturer Trâm bițaș Cristian, MD, PhD --CV
Lecturer Trâm bițaș-Miron Alina Dia, MD, PhD-CV
Turdean Sabin Gligore Lecturer, MD, PhD - CV
Zazgyva Ancuta Marilena Lecturer, MD, PhD - CV
Assistant Banias Laura, MD, PhD- CV
Assistant Incze-Bartha Zsuzsánna, MD, PhD- CV
Assistant Moraru Raluca, MD, PhD- CV
Assistant Rațiu Alexandra-Mihaela, MD, PhD- CV
Ballo Beata Magdolna Assistant, MD, PhD Candidate - CV
Balmos Ioan-Assistant Alexandru, MD, PhD Candidate - CV
Boglis Alina Assistant, MD, PhD Candidate - CV
Assistant Ciurea Cristina Nicoleta, MD, PhD candidate --CV
Moldovan George Valeriu Assistant, MD, PhD Candidate - CV
Porutiu Mihai Assistant, MD, PhD Candidate - CV
Vunvulea Vlad Assistant, MD, PhD Candidate - CV

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