Fundatia Medicina Europeana(FME)

"European Medical Foundation"

Fundatia Medicina Europeana ( FME ) (nr. of registration 82871/299/2015) is a Romanian foundation founded in 2015 to support medical education and promoting integrative medicine.


FME's Founder Yasuyuki Takagi has contributed to the promotion of economic and cultural exchange between Japan and Romania since 1997. He served as the Romanian Japanese Chamber of Commerce Chairman (2003) and Representative of Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Romania (2005). In addition to being the FME representative, he is currently the president of the Romanian NPO "Asociatia Culturala si Economica Romania-Japonia" and the executive vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry between Romania- Japan.


At FME , we support studying abroad as one of our activities. Since its establishment, we have provided supplementary courses for medical students from all over the world to deepen their understanding of the curriculum of the medical school and to support international students from each country so that they can pass the credit examinations and advance to the next level. This time, in consultation with the Romanian Medical University, we will promote the admission of international students from Japan. In 2020, the current medical school supplementary course will be incorporated as well, and a new preliminary course will be set up in addition to the supplementary course. For that reason, we are renovating a building in the center of Bucharest for this purpose.


A clinic for integrative medicine is also scheduled to open in Bucharest as soon as possible. In addition, we provide free transfer of products that have been researched and developed by Japanese companies and are already approved in 40 countries around the world, especially for patients with hepatitis C.


Why choose us?

* High level of education as a member of the EU-Equivalent to EU countries, so you can work as a doctor in any country


* Document review and the English proficiency test: the door is widely open, all you need is to admit your papers and start your English courses to pass the English admission exam.

* Low tuition -National University School of Medicine € 6000 (as of 2020)


These are latest information about Romania. The country has favorable conditions for studying in a medical school, and has great potential for the development of integrative medicine by Japanese people as well. We are working in hope that this new community of medical expertise will flourish yet in a new country.