Preliminary courses

All FME instructors are active doctors and have excellent graduates from Carol Davila's School of Medicine. As an experienced person, I can give specific advice on exam preparation. Naturally, he is fluent in foreign languages ​​including English.

Watch our Youtube videos for our instructor: Reda, MD. There are three other teachers with similar abilities and careers. If you are interested in studying abroad at the Romanian School of Medicine, I would like you to join the FME preliminary course and take the first step as a doctor.

Recently announced Easy Medicine series 

by Reda, MD

Presentation at the time of first year of medical school by Reda, MD

There is no entrance examination for the preliminary course. A simple English proficiency test (free) will be given to assess your English capacities.

Only available to those who take the Romanian Medical School Entrance Exam (English + Science Optional).

Please submit a brief summary of your motivation, a high school diploma and transcript (both copies), and a passport (copy).

2 preliminary courses


1) Entrance exam preparatory course:

To enter the School of Medicine English course, you must pass an English exam. After enrollment, classes will be conducted in English. Today, English is also the international language of medicine. Higher English proficiency is essential. Also, since you are enrolling in an English course in a medical school, it is very important to read, write and understand science texts in English as much as possible.

Interactive online class


Depending on the level, you can take 30 times 280,000 yen 

* One lesson is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Content amount is 2 frames (1 frame is in 45 minute units)

* The course period is usually about two and a half months. Can be shortened by consultation


There is also an intensive course just before the entrance examination day.   450,000 yen (Both can be paid in euro)



2) School of Medicine first-year students'  major subjects prep course:

A preparatory course to smoothly adapt to the enormous amount of advanced lecture content that you will face immediately after entering the school. It has a great effect because it passes the strict first-year exam. In order to graduate in 6 years without failing or repeating the grade, it is essential to pass all the exams in the 1st and 2nd years. If you do not pass even one subject, you will not be able to advance to the next level, so careful preparation is very important.


cell biology, bio chemistry, physiology, anatomy, etc.

Face-to-face lessons before the new semester (consultation is required for online students)


A total of 32 lectures planned 240,000 yen (Payment with Euro 1950 euro is also possible)


* One lesson is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Content amount is 2 frames (1 frame is in 45 minute units)

* Class duration is usually 4 weeks


We also recommend that you take the FME preliminary course even for those who apply for admission by themselves. If you wish, please apply separately.



* The picture below shows the actual FME preliminary course (left: interactive online lesson right: face-to-face lesson at the classroom)