Why choose a Romanian Medical School?

Study Medicine Abroad in Eastern Europe!

Lately, an article has be been published that there are around a 100 Japanese students who are going to Hungarian Medical University this year. However, the Romanian Medical University, which is right next door, is unknown to the Japanese. Actually, there are about 5 times as international students from Hungary as there are from Japan (probably only 2 from Japan) in Romania. Fundatia Medicina Europeana (FME), a Romanian medical foundation, encourages foreign students to study in Romania based on their own experience and studies, and supports their admission.



Why choose Romania?

Because it gives you a chance to become a doctor. As a member of the EU, which has the same level of education as any EU country and a curriculum that is also designed to allow you after graduation, to work as a doctor in any country worldwide, including the United States and Europe. And it's no secret that there are a lot of excellent doctors from Romanian medical schools in those countries.


Admission to the Faculty of Medicine is easy as it is determined mainly test of performance/evaluation of the language of study, mainly English (also acceptable French by the University). You can enroll if your ability is proven. Therefore, the entrance to school is widely open to those who aim to become doctors.


The tuition fee is 6000 euros / year at the National University School of Medicine in Bucharest (as of 2019). It costs as much as a national university in Japan, and the prices are low (it's about half the size of Japan in terms of living). Therefore, it's a very good opportunity for a Japanese student who wants to study abroad, economically speaking as well.


Here there is an international educational environment where excellent and highly qualified doctors and international students from all over the world come together. Although not known in Japan until now (known to Westerners and the Middle East), there are English courses at the medical schools of eight universities all over Romania including the capital city of Bucharest. More than 400 students from all over the world are studying at the national medical school in the capital city of Bucharest and the second city of Cluj. There are also French courses at the three universities, so there are many French-speaking students. This is evidence that many Romanians can speak foreign languages, and in fact most doctors are fluent in English, French and German. For example, at the University of Carol Davila, practical training begins at some hospitals in the third year, but one doctor will be assigned to each small group. At least 10 doctors need to be able to teach in English in each department such as Pulmonology, Hematology, Surgery, Cardiology, Neurology and so on.

I think it's an unbelievable story in Japan. Romania is becoming a reality in the globalization of medical education.


As mentioned above, the favorable conditions for studying abroad at the Faculty of Medicine are all in Romania. If you want to become a doctor or you are a parent who wants his/her child to become a doctor, this is the perfect chance for you, what are you waiting for? You can contact us directly by clicking here.

Studying for an exam VS studying to become a DOCTOR


Depending on different circumstances, whether you are an active student who is aiming for medical school, or someone who is travelling around, career decisions are different. But if you spend a lot of energy, time, and money just trying to pass an entrance exam after spending years looking around and learning English, why not dare to enroll in a Romanian medical school? It takes about 6 years to become a doctor , and about 10 years after entering the university if you include a national examination and training period . If you spend a lot of time studying for an exam, you should start studying to become a doctor as soon as possible.

Although it is a tough road even after entering the university, the studying, exams, and training during that period are directly connected to the doctor's path, as all you effort, energy and money will finally pay-off.

In any case, once you enter the university, you will take the first step to becoming a doctor, contributing directly to the benefit of mankind, regardless of the place you chose to practice. For instance, we are international students from all over the world, but there are some who are aiming for their own national examination for medical doctors, and dozens of people take USMLE in the United States . Some students are learning German to become a doctor in Germany. You have 3 months of summer vacation, so you can spend your time studying and practicing according to your goals. Also, since the educational system here allows you to spend a lot of free time during your studying year starting from the third year till graduation due to the program flexibility, you should plan your preparations (even those who will become doctors in Japan) according to your own path. It is quite possible to do so!



Fundatia Medicina Europeana - Romanian Medical Foundation


We will assist Japanese medical students with the admission process and help them take their first steps in their educational medical path . As Romania is not very well known to the Japanese people as a country of opportunity to study abroad, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Whether you are a student, a person who likes to travel, or already have a job, if you are aiming for the world, Romania has all the necessary conditions. A doctor is a doctor anywhere in the world. It's time for you to take a new step towards becoming another Japanese person who can achieve their dream proudly and be able to work anywhere in the world. FME does not only provide support for passing and admission procedures, but also supports your career paths after admission and after graduation, through:


1) Ensuring that the students pass the English course at the School of Medicine.

2) Overcoming and mastering difficult classes after admission.


It's about backing you up so you can advance through your courses easily.


Two well-prepared preparatory courses are available to suit that purpose. There are various support fees depending on the preliminary course you take, and you can choose.

Two preliminary courses


1) Entrance exam preparatory course - A special course for students who would like to improve their English and to ensure their success

To enter the School of Medicine English course, you must pass an English exam. After enrollment, classes will be conducted in English. Today, English is the international language of medicine. Therefore, higher English proficiency is essential. Also, since you are enrolling in an English model medical school, it is very important to read, write, and understand scientific and medical texts in English as much as possible.


2) First-year Major Medical subjects preparatory course:

A preparatory course to smoothly adapt to the new and advanced lecture content that you will face immediately after entering the school. Its very important as it eases the stress of entering into the new world of medical subjects. In order to graduate in 6 years without failing or repeating the year, it is essential to pass all the exams in the 1st and 2nd years. If you do not pass even one subject, you will not be able to advance to the next level, so be careful as preparation is very important in cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, etc.


For details, please see the page of the preliminary courses .

Other Information:

* We also support working adults and those who cannot submit their high school transcripts directly. Please feel free to contact us

* We offer future career consultation as well. 

* There are also more courses for other subjects while attending school for those who wish so. We will support you at till the end of your medical studies and graduation.