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1. お問い合わせ
Contact us


You can contact us through our contact form, providing information including: Age, Gender, High School Graduation year, (If graduated already you can provide your transcript and graduation score) and English level if applicable.

2. オンライン説明会
Online session

お問い合わせフォームに必要な情報とオンライン 説明会のご希望の日時を記入し、送信してください。折り返しごご連絡させていただき、オンライン説明会の日を決めます。説明会で、ルーマニア医学部の特徴、出願に必要な書類、その他いろいろな説明をしご質問にもお答えします。十分な話し合いをします。

Schedule your own online guidance session with us after you fill out the contact form with all the necessary information. You can tell us what time in convenient for you and we will be contact you back for confirmation to discuss with you all your future possibilities to become a medical student in Romania!

Online Meeting
Delivering Package

3. 私たちのサービスのいずれかを選択してください
Choose a service



After discussing with you all your possible options of application, you can choose one of our services that you can find here on the website (including English and medical preparatory courses and direct application). You can contact us via email to sign the contract for the service you chose and payment can be done through bank transfer or even online!

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4. ご出願のお申込み

当社のサービスのいずれかを選択し、契約書に署名し、支払いが確認された後、出願を希望する大学 (または複数の大学) の締め切りに従って、出願手続き(英語、または理科の入試を行う大学もあります)を開始できます。

After making up your mind by choosing one of our services, signing the contract and confirming the payment, we can start the application process according to the deadlines of the university (or more Universities) that you would like to apply to!


“Med Student Abroad


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