Support and fees


There are two types of FME support.

Support includes the following:


1) We will carefully consider the application guidelines for medical schools that wish to study abroad and propose the best countermeasures according to your wishes. There are English courses at 8 national universities and 1 private university in Romania, each with its own characteristics and different documents to be submitted. We recommend universities to apply for admission based on the latest information on all Romanian medical schools. We will also give detailed advice on how to apply concurrently.


2) We will advise you on the characteristics of the university and how to choose a medical school that suits your future course. We will teach you the necessary documents, how to obtain them, and how to apply, and support the admission procedure. In recent years, it has become possible to apply online, eliminating the need to rely on agents. Even so, it may be difficult to understand the contents and items of the application form or the specific procedure may be difficult. By requesting us, you can reduce your time and mental burden.


3) Introducing the Romanian government-approved translator, Notar (Romanian notary public), and the clinic that conducts health examinations when translating the submitted documents. You will need a Romanian translation and notary, a private high school transcript and diploma apostille, etc., but we know that the process will be smoother and less costly. Introducing each specialized office.


4) When taking a local English test or science test, we will advise you on the tendency of questions, how to study, and how to prepare.

5) For short-term stays such as entrance exams, we can also introduce economical and convenient serviced apartments with home furnishings.


Support after passing the admission exam:

6) Help with visa (student visa) application.

7) We will also introduce an intermediary agent for your local residence. We can also introduce serviced apartments with home furnishings for short-term stays. Also,

You can also rent a cheap apartment in the center of Bucharest called Universitate, which is very convenient. The photo below

Coordination, consulting and support for application / admission * Information sessions will be held at any time, so please apply afterwards.

* In Romania, you can buy an apartment as well as rent it. Please contact us if you wish

8) If you have any questions about your local life, the coordinator will support you.

9) We also give advice on studying after enrollment, exams, and how to choose elective courses.

10) The Japanese local representative coordinator will consult and give advice on the future course.


Others * We also support consultations for those who cannot submit a high school transcript.


The application / admission procedure support fee is 400,000 yen. Document translation, notarization, entrance examination fees, travel expenses, stay expenses, etc. are not included. If you apply for admission in parallel, the fee is +200,000 yen for each university.


Preliminary English Course (Online) 


Two preliminary courses


1 ) Entrance Exam Preparation Course-Preliminary course before taking the exam to ensure passing

Improve your English skills. This is the key to enrolling in any Romanian School of Medicine. In order to achieve a level of TOEFL iBT 87, ILETS B2, which is necessary to have, the contents have been thoroughly examined so that the ability of listening and speaking as well as writing and reading can be achieved. Classes will be offered by Reda, MD (Youtuber & Instructor), a doctor who has graduated from the English Module at Carol Davila School of Medicine. In addition, Takagi, a fifth-year student at the same School of Medicine, will also be supporting as an assistant lecturer. The period of the course this year is planned from the end of November 2020 to April 2021. There are also special courses just before the entrance exam (courses tailored to English, biology, chemistry and physics exams).


The online class course has 30 times attendance and costs 280,000 yen


The special intensive course just before the entrance exam (a course tailored to English, biology, chemistry, and physics exams) is 450,000 yen.


Recently announced Easy Medicine series 

by Reda, MD

Presentation at the time of first year of medical school by Reda, MD

2) Preparatory course for medical school-For those who have been admitted to the match, a preparatory course for the new semester from October

The Romanian School of Medicine begins classes on important basic medical subjects shortly after enrollment. If you do not pass even one subject, you will not be able to advance, so it is very important to prepare carefully.

Subjects: cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, etc.

Our instructors are excellent doctors from Romania's highest level medical school in the capital, Bucharest, and have a career as an instructor.

Face-to-face lessons (online lessons are also possible) 32 times in total 240,000 yen

Support Fee Plans:

Social network concept

Plan A

Application / enrollment support 400,000 yen

+ Preparatory course for entrance exams 280,000 yen


680,000 ¥

Empty Classroom

Plan B

Application / admission support 400,000 yen

+ Preparatory course for entrance exams 280,000 yen

+ Preparatory course of medical school 240,000 yen


920,000 ¥

* Preliminary course for entrance exams is scheduled for late November 2020-April 2021

** Application / Admission Support, Entrance Exam Preparation Preparatory Course, *** Medical School Preparatory Course, You can also apply separately

*** The preparatory course for medical school is a course after passing and before the start of class for first graders. Scheduled for September 2021

**** If you apply for another medical school at the same time, it will be +200,000 yen per university.

***** Application / admission support does not include translation, notarization, university entrance exams, travel / stay fees, etc., but will be charged separately.