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Overseas medical school:

- Studying Medicine Abroad preliminary course

- Online English Course for Medical School


The application for admission in 2020 has been completed. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the inquiries and trust of so many people.

For those of you aiming for the new enrollment in 2021, we will continue help with your admission procedure, based on the fact that all of us are doctors who have graduated from Romanian medical school and international medical students from abroad, based on actual experience and the latest information on local students. We will provide you with the support you need to be admitted in medical school!

* We also support working adults and those who cannot submit high school transcripts. Please feel free to contact us



Two types of MSA support


One is coordinating, consulting and support for admission to the Romanian School of Medicine,, including the advice of the future course consultation after admission from the support of application / admission procedures along to success in the first year of medical studies.

The other is through online preparatory courses taught in English. There are two well-prepared preparatory courses. Our instructor is a highly qualified doctor from Romania's premier medical school in the capital, Bucharest, and has a career as an instructor and a Youtuber. He teaches classes both online and in directly with students. 


2 preliminary courses


1) Entrance exam preparation course-to ensure success

Improve your English ability and enhance your understanding in English of biological, chemical, and physical terms. Training pass level skills

As an option for the English entrance examination, there is also a special intensive course just before the entrance date.



Preparation courses to meet the new semester from 10 May - 2) prep courses of the main subjects of the first-year students of Medicine

Immediately after admission, the Romanian School of Medicine begins classes on important basic medical knowledge. If you do not pass even one subject, you will not be able to advance to the next year of your studies, so it is very important to be prepared to start the school with good grades.

Subjects: cell biology, Biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, etc.


For more details, please see the page of the preliminary courses.

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