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Preparatory course for studying abroad at the Faculty of Medicine

School of Medicine Preparatory School Online English Course

Individual briefing sessions with local Japanese coordinator!


Tokyo December 12-24

Attendance-based priority - between 12:00 and 17:00

Place Around 23 wards

Osaka December 26th-January 5th (excluding 12 / 31-1 / 3)

Attendance-based priority between 12:00 and 17:00

Place Umeda, around Namba

Registration required for the meeting 

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Through this: Inquiry Form

Alternatively, send an email to medstudentabroad@outlook.com.

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 As the only Japanese medical foundation officially registered in Romania, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the inquiries and trust of many people. For those who are aiming for new enrollment in 2022, we will continue to take advantage of the fact that all of us are doctors who have graduated from Romanian medical school and international students of medical school, and we have passed the medical school based on actual experience and the latest information of local students.


4 people passed (as of September 7) 2021-2022 degrees Japanese examinees only)


The next online information session will be held on Saturday, January 8th and Sunday, January 9th. 

Individual online information sessions are also possible at any time, so on this site

more Inquiry Form

Alternatively, send an email to medstudentabroad@outlook.com.

Two types of MSA support


One is coordination, consulting, and submission of admission application documents for admission to the Romanian School of Medicine. By the local School of Medicine, born of an experienced teacher, it is the co-Dineto Consultancy support, including the advice of the future course consultation after admission from the support of the application / admission procedures along the aspiring.

The other is an online lecture on the preliminary course of the English course of the Faculty of Medicine. There are two well-prepared preliminary courses that suit your purpose. Our instructors are excellent doctors from Romania's highest level medical school in the capital, Bucharest, and have a career as an instructor.

Two preparatory courses in medical school

1) Entrance Exam Preparation Course-Preliminary course before taking the exam to ensure passing

Improve your English skills. This is the key and barrier to passing the Romanian School of Medicine. We recommend a 30-time course to clear TOEFL iBT 87, ILETS B2. There is also a special intensive course just before the entrance exam (a course tailored to English, biology, chemistry and physics exams).

2) Preparation course for major subjects of the first year of medical school-Preliminary course for the new semester from October after the entrance examination

The Romanian School of Medicine begins classes on important basic medical subjects shortly after enrollment. If you do not pass even one subject, you will not be able to advance, so it is very important to prepare carefully.

Subjects: cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, etc.

For more information, please see the preliminary course page.

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